digital marketing

What is a digital product?

digital marketing

Any product that you sell online that has no physical form or content is called a digital product. You can’t touch a website, sniff an ebook, or taste a software. 

As a digital product entrepreneur you need to know that customer retention matters more than customer acquisition, so you should create more digital products, attract new customers, and convince your existing customers to buy them. 

How can you promote digital products more effectively?

The same way as marketing physical products. You define and target your audience and maintain open lines of communication. The main difference here is that illustrating the benefits of a digital product is a little bit more difficult than a physical product. For example, household appliances like a gas stove are easier to demonstrate and to sell, you can check all parameters in the next store and buy the same product online. 

In the case of digital products, things are more complicated. This is why digital product owners focus on educating their audience through blog posts, webinars, and other marketing resources. 

What digital products to sell?

But if you’ve decided to start this relatively new but lucrative business, check out the most profitable digital products to sell online. 

  1. Courses 
  2. E-books 
  3. Photographs 
  4. Music 
  5. Web elements, like WordPress themes or social media buttons new designs
  6. Research and data 
  7. Tutorials and guided 
  8. Software programs 
  9. Applications and Podcasts 
  10. Printables – agendas, schedules, planners, artwork, etc.

How to sell digital products? 

Online 🙂 You have to find a place to sell it. Depending on what kind of product it is. For example, you can sell an audiobook on Amazon or Audible, music on Spotify or clothes on Shopify.  

We recommend having your own website for selling digital products in addition to other marketplaces. This will give you more direct control over the relationship with your customers and also avoid the huge service fees that many platforms impose. 

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