exeltive optimize your instagram

How to optimize your Instagram profile to be more search-friendly?

exeltive optimize your instagram

Do you want your Instagram account to appear first on Instagram searches? If your answer is yes, so start optimize you Instagram page ASAP!

Add keywords to your name and user name with “@”

The first thing you should do is to find the right keywords. Think about what words your target market will use to search your products or services. For example, if you sell books, add the keyword “books” into your business name (libraff books Nicosia) and user name (@libraffbooks). 

Put #hashtag to your posts always, several times 

Hashtags are one of the main ways that Instagram improves search results and allows people to follow what interests them. 

Continuing with our above mentioned example,we suggest to add #books in the daily posts. This helps the post to get more people to see the posts. Not just those who follow the page. Use broad hashtags too to reach a huge audience. 

Write short captions with interactive emojis and hashtags 

Caption lengths between one and 50 characters saw the highest amount of interactions. Posts with sweet and lovely, thematic emojis have more interactions than posts without any emojis. About hashtags we have already talked about above 🙂 If you have around 1,000 followers or even less you just have to use hashtags, a lot of hashtags. 

Don’t leave your bio blank! Never

Utilize both primary and secondary keywords in your bio. In our case with books, we suggest adding not just “books” in a bio, but also “free delivery”, “Nicosia”, “Cyprus”, “online order”, etc. 

Analyze your post after posting 

Use different techniques by writing a post – time of posting, length of caption, different keywords, etc. And then check the post engagement, “likes”, “views” and “comments”. It will help you to understand what you do right and what is to be developed. 

If you want to start to optimize your Instagram profile but do not know how, ask us! We will help you to reach the highest results from your instagram page!

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